Fürstenwald 지역 포트폴리오: 97% 임대 달성

Inspiration Group completes modernisation of a residential property portfolio in Fürstenwalde near the future Giga-E car factory

The Inspiration Group has successfully completed the modernisation and renovation of a residential property portfolio in Fürstenwalde near Berlin, Brandenburg, and achieved an occupancy rate of 97 percent.

The company acquired the 23 residential buildings at the end of 2019. Together, they comprise 317 residential units with a total of around 16,000 square metres of rental space. In the past few months, both the vacant flats and the exterior facades and roofs have been renovated. At the same time, the vacancy rate within the portfolio has been reduced to three percent in the past few months.

“We are convinced that the location will become even more attractive due to its proximity to Berlin and good transport links. The region will receive an additional economic boost from an American company for electric cars that is currently under construction for electric cars. We are already seeing increased demand for rental flats. ‘We expect a further increase after the opening of the automobile plant,’ explains Goor Rosenberg, CEO of the Inspiration Group. ‘Many service companies choose Fürstenwalde as accommodation for their employees because the travel time between the Fürstenwalde main station and the Fangschleuse station next to the future Giga factory is only 9 minutes,’ Goor Rosenberg continues.